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Implementation of operational parameters for individuals' use of IT systems, applications, and digital assets (data). Simply, it's about how you and your team can use the company’s technology & data and what you can use it for. This is part of the conventional IT security as well as the data assurance for which the IT department is also responsible.



Our IT systems connect data dots. Such as internal teams to external clients, one software to another software, one department to another department. Thus, connection is one of the important domains of our IT department. We strive to build strong data connections by using the latest technology, ideal integrations, upgrade our applications when applicable and improve our software infrastructure.



100% UPTIME is another level of our high standards. Either it's about our applications, websites or our team itself. We believe that IT systems are automated but they must be monitored, technology can break, and we should be ready to dive-in 24/7 and fix it if something breaks. The whole business relies on our IT systems to work with 100% uptime.

Publishing Life’s information technology team is a group of professionals who are super-charged, possess a can-do-attitude, accept challenges and are always proactive.

Our team not only resolves technical issues but acts as the bridge between all departments. We strive to use the latest softwares and systems and are constantly innovating to provide the best experience to our students and our team.

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